The Cygnus DIVE is a wrist- mountable, simple to operate subsea ultrasonic thickness gauge. This very robust unit provides an invaluable free hand while performing remaining metal thickness measurements.

The large display is easily viewable by both the diver and his camera – even in the poorest visibility. The unit has only two buttons for easy navigation of an intuitive, clear menu.

KEY FEATURES:                                                                                                                  

  • mountable giving the diver a free hand
  • Large colour display, clearly viewable by diver and camera in poor visibility
  • A-scan display to assist with measurement verification
  • Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes
  • Error-checked Multiple-Echo measurements to ensure genuine, verified measurements are displayed
  • Data logging with auto-log feature; no button to press
  • Stores up to 5,000 measurements and their A-scans
  • Deep-Coat mode to measure through coatings up to 20mm (0.78″) thick
  • Probes are connected to the DIVE with a coiled double jacket cable which extends up to 2.5 metres
  • Pressure tested to 300 metres
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving up to 11 hours continuous operation.



Single crystal probes use the Cygnus Multiple-Echo technique which gives three sound pulses, this

ignores coatings and provides error-checked verified readings.




Twin crystal probes measure in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes.

This adds versatility for specific applications such as on extreme back wall corrosion.


Exclusive to Cygnus, MSI™ ensures stable and therefore reliable measurements are displayed in Echo- Echo and Single-Echo modes.


Data Logging

A data logging DIVE gauge has the capability to store 5000 measurements with individual A-scans to its internal memory. The Auto-log feature allows readings to be logged without pressing any buttons.  DIVE gauges can be supplied as data logging or a standard unit can be upgraded later remotely.

CygLink is a Windows® application used for uploading data from a data logging gauge, for reporting and analysis. When used with a DIVE gauge and an umbilical cable to the surface CygLink displays thickness measurements and A-scans at the surface in a linear format. Measurements can be logged from the surface, plus gauge settings, including the velocity of sound, can be controlled from the surface. Each recorded measurement can have up to 8 short pre-set text comments added to

  1. Data can be displayed in a Survey Report Document, including A-scans, and can be exported as a .csv file (Microsoft Excel ®).

Topside Repeater Remote Display Unit

The Cygnus Top Side Repeater is a remote display unit connected to the DIVE gauge with an umbilical cable. It displays the thickness measurements at the surface in real-time during the survey.

Topside Repeater with Video Overlay

The Top Side Repeater can also overlay the real-time thickness measurements on to a composite video signal, displaying it on the survey monitor screen. It will also then be recorded (if there is a video of the survey), showing exact locations and the thickness measurement for future reference.

HelmetView™ Display,

This is a remote display with a fixing bracket for Kirby Morgan® Helmets that have

an accessory mounting point. This is designed for use in situations with extremely poor visibility and ease of viewing by the diver.